TAL Health Sense

TAL has launched Health Sense which provides an incentive for people who are healthy to sign up for insurance through TAL by applying a discount on cover for those with a body mass index (BMI) of between 19 and 28. The discount can be up to 15% of insurance premiums, depending how many policies you take out. Insurance companies are seeing the value of attracting and maintaining healthier lives on their books.  TAL are following AIA’s lead when they introduced a similar program known as AIA Vitality into the market in 2014.

The TAL Health Sense program provides and initial discount of 7.5% which applies for a single life or life and TPD policy. If you add additional cover after that (e.g. trauma cover or Income Protection) then the discounts increase to a maximum of 15%. It’s important to note that some minimum cover amounts are required to attract the discount through TAL’s health sense program ($100,000 or greater for lump sum and a monthly income protection benefit of at least $2000).

To give you an idea on where you sit in the BMI range, you can use any online BMI calculator to see if you qualify for the TAL Health Sense program.

The good news is that for new policies these TAL HealthSense discounts are automatically applied for those within the acceptable BMI range.  If you are an existing TAL customer, and your BMI is in the healthy range, then you may be eligible for a discount as well, however, the discount is not applied automatically. Depending how long it has been since you took out your policy you may have to run through a medical questionnaire. 

If you would like to talk to a Spotter Life adviser about the Health Sense option put your details in the form on this page and mention the Health Sense offer when you speak to one of our advisers. 

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